Purpose Jewelry: Handcrafted Jewelry With a Purpose

/Purpose Jewelry: Handcrafted Jewelry With a Purpose

Purpose Jewelry: Handcrafted Jewelry With a Purpose

International Sanctuary, founded in 2007, has created thousands of jobs for girls and women escaping human trafficking via their social enterprise, PURPOSE Jewelry. Through this program, women of all ages have been able to establish steady employment, independence and the opportunity to take on leadership roles while creating ethically made pieces.

Photo Courtesy of PURPOSE Jewelry

“I have reached a place where my life choices have become better, and I have grown to now manage a team! When I started working here I never interacted with people but that’s in the past. Now I have lots of friends.”

Kira Mumbai, India Sanctuary

Our Spotlight on myWorth and PURPOSE Jewelry is something we are truly passionate about as women are empowered to seek their true worth, hope, dignity, and freedom.

These survivors are treated with the utmost respect and are provided with access to educational tools, healthcare, and a sense of community.

“Here I know that I am valued and respected.”

Survivor of Human Trafficking, India Sanctuary

Photo Courtesy of PURPOSE Jewelry

This myWorth and PURPOSE Jewelry Spotlight is about taking control of the narrative while never losing your sense of self. Together, myWorth and PURPOSE Jewelry are here to remind you that through the best or toughest moments, you can always cultivate the right support system.

When you wear PURPOSE, you wear freedom.

Shop all the beautiful PURPOSE Jewelry collections and receive 10% off your total purchase using code PRMYWORTH at checkout from October 22nd through November 7th!

Thank you for changing lives.

Written By
Ande Frazier, CEO & Head Of Vision At myWorth
With more than 24 years in the industry, Ande began her career as an adviser with her father but quickly expanded to working in the area of professional development, leadership, and marketing. With her expertise, Ande has become a thought leader, blogger, and money educator.

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